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Good News: Google Flights now informs about best time to Book Tickets

If we go by the statics, traveling by air is the safest way to travel. It not only saves a lot of time but has brought the whole world closer. Booking the right flight at the right time can be a problem, though. A lot of travelers plan their flights days, weeks or even months before the actual travel time.

The price of a flight ticket often goes up and down in accordance with the availability and the demand. There are several apps like Hopper which tells the user about the best time to buy a flight ticket. Still, in order to use the services, you have to download the app first.

Google’s new search feature

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Some time back, Google embedded a system in the search results that shows the flight details when you search for flights or destinations on Google search. The step was appreciated by a lot of users that allowed Google to concentrate further on the system.

Google Flights, which is an inbuilt feature in Google search, may now show more information about the price of the flight as well. Google already shows the price comparison of different flights that put it in the direct competition to apps like Skyscanner and Kayak.

How the system works?

The process is quite simple. Google has gathered a lot of information in the past about flight routes and pricing. The algorithm Google is using for the flight pricing determines the patterns that the flights on a particular route have followed and shown you an estimated time period under which the price of the flight ticket may go up. If you select a particular flight, it will show even more precise data.

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When you select a flight, it may show a message that says “The price the following flight is expected to rise in next 8 hours”. In case you are planning your journey months before the actual travel time, you can also set a Google alert for the price of the flight.

Google will send you an alert the price hit the rock bottom or some discount offer comes up.

Google is testing the feature in some areas at the moment and it will be available for all the users around the world very soon. This new feature will definitely help a lot of users to save a good amount of money on their travel expenses.

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