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Google added New Feature to Google Maps – Now tells about Traffic nearby

Google has a number of products under its belt that has become part of everyone’s life. One of these products is Google maps. The maps came into existence back in 2005. Since then the company has made a lot of advancements in its features and have added detailed structures from all around the world.

Google maps often come in handy while looking for a particular location and as it is voice activated you can just simply put the destination in it and it will guide you through the route.

Google maps are also used by a lot of different Apps that include Uber, Ola, and other location-oriented apps. These Apps use the Google maps to determine the distance covered and calculate travel charges. The overall benefits of the app are way more that the cons that are associated with it.

What is the recent feature?


In order to make it more useful, Google keeps on adding new features to it. The company has recently added a ‘Traffic Nearby’ button in the Android based app. The updated version of the App comes with a link which once tapped shows the details of the traffic around your location.

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It is a handy shortcut to determine if there are any traffic jams on the way further. The latest version i.e. 9.39 of the app shows the congested areas nearby so that you can decide which route you want to take to avoid any traffic jams.

The new feature is a part of Google’s ongoing process to make the maps more useful. The new feature can save a lot of time of the commuter especially in cities like Delhi and Mumbai where traffic jams are quite common. If you know beforehand that the road in front of you is full of traffic, you can simply take a turn to another route which is much less congested.

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