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Health, Fitness, Meditation link: Demystified by Rockstar Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan

Are we not born only to enjoy life?



Yes, we are. But are we really enjoying life? If we are approaching life in the right way, why is society getting results like rising drug addiction, alcoholism, unwed motherhood, broken families, domestic violence, rising crime rates, more and more terrorism etc.

Everyone likes to enjoy. And there are various forms of enjoyment. The garden variety of what man calls enjoyment is about what pleases the senses and senses alone. Internally, Man is driven by five sinful instincts and two major distractions. Lust, anger, ego, greed and undue worldly attachment, every one falls prey to these barriers or their various combinations.

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The desires may show up as a penchant for worldly power, or man’s addiction to sensory experiences. Our behavior may hinge on a constant envy of others or deteriorate to the level of frank hatred. Where are we going? What should we do?

The basic building blocks of all internal negativity are the same five evil instincts. All wrong human actions arise from one or more of these evil instincts. The two major distractions/delusions are called Munn and Maya, in Indian spiritual thought.

Munn is the generator of evil thoughts that goads the five basic instincts to make man fall to lower pursuits. Maya is delusion, the entrapment and allure of worldly wealth, grandeur and the reason for our perpetual denial of the transitory nature of life.

We know that we are born to die, but do we live even a single moment with the awareness of this bitter truth? If we did, then none would perform evil acts. But the world is full of evil that seems to have no end. So, the idea of enjoyment as fulfillment of our desires alone does not work. Is there something more to it?

What is real enjoyment?


Real enjoyment is about freedom from the cobweb of countless desires and the ability to achieve what is really a legitimate and honest need. It lies in not being tormented by the five sins and two distractions. It is not about surrendering to perpetual craving for something or the other; it lies, actually, in freedom from all tensions and anxieties as we quietly accomplish our positive worldly goals.


Finally, it is the highest goal, of everlasting peace and tranquility, of quiet self confidence when man can excel in every good field of human endeavour. It is a state of perpetual bliss that makes the body and mind stronger in every way.

The lower forms of what we regard as enjoyment are all temporary, drugs and alcohol wear off leaving a nasty hangover or withdrawal symptoms and they destroy the body. Relationships only for physical pleasure have brought man all kinds of diseases.

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But to experience real enjoyment that is everlasting, one needs to transcend the barriers of internal negativity, which can happen only through True Meditation.

Is this scientific?

A rationalist might argue that this explanation is not rooted in any scientific basis. The truth is quite the opposite. Neurobiology research has shown the clear scientific basis of what spirituality has said for thousands of years.

spiritual-vs science


Whether it is sensory slavery of people gorging too much food for its taste; or it is drug addiction or even base drives like sex, all these have their seat in the dopamine (a brain chemical) rich regions of the brain that triggers short lasting happiness first, and then longer lasting depression. Sensory cravings when fulfilled bring a momentary high because of the raised levels of dopamine, but only for a very, very short time. Then, the brain goes the other way, spiraling downwards.

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A majority of the world today is suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, uncontrolled anger and suicidal tendencies. Why? Because another brain chemical is going down as a consequence of the pursuit of this short lasting sensory pleasure. That much needed chemical is called serotonin. The anti-depressants the world is consuming in huge amounts work only by boosting up this chemical, but meditation works the best.

How does Meditation work?


“Only True Meditation has been clearly shown to increase the brain level of serotonin. Meditation has the power to increase levels of Oxygen within the brain, just as people exercise their bodies to make them stronger, Meditation works on the brain in the same way. Increased brain Oxygen brings about raised levels of the chemical serotonin. Meditation has been shown to alter even the DNA and can thus destroy all disease” says Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

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The happiness felt with serotonin is longer lasting, it brings mercy, compassion, a sense of sharing, A state of being selfless and most importantly, it raises self confidence and cures depression and anxiety. That is how, drug addictions vanish. People stop craving for lower sensory experiences when they unite with a higher form of joy and feel confident of staying off wrong things.

What is True Meditation?


Meditation taught by a Saint who seeks no money in return, no donations in any form, does not convert anyone’s religion, does not speak ill about anyone and serves humanity selflessly. Most importantly, a True Master never begs or borrows in the name of God, but sustains himself only through hard work.

Can meditation solve problems?

Yes! The meditation taught by a True Selfless Master, has the power to increase oxygen levels in the brain. Raised oxygen levels strengthen higher circuits through increased serotonin levels; Serotonin, in turn, focuses the thought processes and willpower beyond drug addiction and selfless sensory seeking.

problem solving


It results in a larger area of the brain getting involved in problem solving, and so seemingly impossible problems can now be solved because the brain is used to a higher degree, and the answers arise from within. All this has already been proved!

So, we are talking pure science, which has now started to understand the mega-science of spirituality!

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