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Jattu Engineer Movie Review, Rating & Box office Collection!

One Word Review- Revolutionary.

The idea of cinema for social good sounds too good to be true. But Jattu Engineer kept me riveted to the seat, always entertaining with belly aching laughter, and the other bits loaded with touching and poignant moments that brought tears rolling down my cheeks. For most part it keeps you in splits.

But the Film works at a much Deeper Level.

It is a film that tackles the problem of open defecation, insanitation, drug abuse, women empowerment, Reformation of delinquents and in a nutshell the way-to-go for  rural transformation etc etc but stays true to the quintessential business of cinema, which is non- stop entertainment.

This film is a watershed moment for history of cinema and the future of society.

As for the rat brained naysayers and mindless critics, it is time for them to evolve as human beings. No director in the history of world cinema can marry this unique combination of style and substance as Honeypreet  Insan and her father Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan Aka MSG have done.

It is a Real Review.

  • The two songs are very catchy, Holi Ki Pichkari that is thoroughly entertaining. The other song Josh Mein” is a bombastic, inspirational song for the youth to exercise.
  • The background score is classy, cinematography mind blowing. The dialogues are powerful and script is very  catchy.
  • The village specially created for the film just blows you.
  • The comic timing is perfect and the situations that create humor are powerfully drawn from everyday life.The editing is very slick.
  • Overall, the production values are a class apart and the message is universal.
  • There is very little to find fault with in the film.
  • This film is releasing in Hindi, English, Telugu and other languages.
  • Narrative Style: Most stylish with the narration based on an album that is shown by one of the key characters in the film. Very impressive use of still photos weaved into the story as the canvas on which story unfolds.
  • Clean situational humour: Whether it is procrastination, backbiting or drugs, the problem of behavior change in general, the sordid state of the sanitation or social coheir, everyday situations are translated into aptly humorous bits that all of us can relate to in our day to day life. There is never a dull moment.
  • Powerful dialogues: Everything that is saved in jest or in seriousness carves a lot of weight. And it makes an impact, either by tickling your funny bone or you making you ponder deeply. This is a film that spams the roller coaster ride between tragedy and humor with ease and panache and connects with the right emotions.

The support cast of first time actors has performed wonderfully putting seasoned performers to shade. The tomboy babe has also performed creditably opposite the comic Sghaint Singh Sidhu. It seems that the great talent factory of Saint Dr MSG is now ready to take on the world.

Everyday people as actors,  people with no formal acting course, humble educational and social background, lot of people who do not even know what theatre is, have been used powerfully by the Father Daughter Duo to weave a  strong storyline on a large canvas that has breadth as well as depth.

Slick and Speedy: Everything is fast moving, nothing stops, there is never a dull moment.

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Jattu Engineer Box office Collection Figures updates..Day wise Gross Collections

Day 1 17.1 Cr.
Day 2 35.02 Cr.
Day 3, 54.06 Cr.
Day 4 68.13 Cr.
Day 5 83.23 Cr.
Day 6 100.3 Cr.
Day 7 115.34 Cr.
Day 8 130.44 Cr.
Day 9 145.26 Cr.
Day 10 160.28 Cr.
Day 11 175.42 Cr.
Day 12 190.44 Cr.
Day 13 203.48 Cr.
Day 14 219.5 Cr.
Day 15 234.92 Cr.
Day 16 250.98 Cr.
Day 17 267.01 Cr.
Day 18 277.05 Cr.
Day 19 288.07 Cr.
Day 20 300.08 Cr.
Day 21 312.12 Cr.


Week-4 Collection  395.23 Crores

Rating: 5 Stars

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