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Meet Sachin Siwach – Another promising boxer from Haryana !!

In the last few years, the sports scene in India is experiencing a change. It is a fact that despite the efforts of the government we are still unable to produce the medal winners on the international level in a satisfactory number. But the improvement is visible and hopefully, in next few years, we will start producing a large number of the sportsperson. Boxing is an important part of the Indian sports. We have great boxers like Vijender Singh who shined in 2012 Olympics.

Another star from Haryana is slowly acquiring its shine in the international boxing arena. Sachin Siwach who belongs to the village Mithalal in Bhiwani district has won youth boxing gold. The light flyweight boxer had a rough time during the initial stage of training. His coach told his father that he will need fresh milk as an essential part of his diet. However, it was easy for his father to arrange rest of the diet like almonds etc but owning a cow was not going to be easy.

Luck was with Sachin

sachin-siwach Source Image

One day, his father came across a wandering cow in his village. When nobody claimed the animal, he took the cow to his home, go her tested by an authorized doctor and the only problem with Sachin’s diet was solved. From that day, Sachin didn’t look back.

The coach who trained Sachin is Swarna Singh who is the son of legendary dronacharya award winner Hawasingh. That was Hawasingh who founded the Swaran’s Boxing Academy. Hawasingh also trained Vijender Singh who happens to be the uncle of Sachin as well. So the family preferred this academy over much advanced Bhiwani Boxing Club.

Swaran Singh told that there are not many students in his academy so he was able to concentrate completely on Sachin. In the beginning, Sachin was more of a counter-puncher. During the junior national camp, he evolved as an attacking boxer which further opened doors of opportunity for him.

At 5 feet 6 inches, Sachin is much taller than most of the boxers in his category which gives him a tactical advantage over them and he can keep a safe distance from his opponents. The gold medal that Sachin has won will allow him to pursue his career in boxing on an international level.

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