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This Raksha Bandhan: Re-Live the Childhood Memories with your siblings

Finally, Raksha Bandhan is here; A day when brothers and sisters celebrate their special bond!! Forgetting all the small fights and complaints; they live this auspicious occasion to the fullest with loads of happiness and love.

Here are some childhood memories that most brothers and sisters are likely to have treasured:

1) When pissed off, one saying to the other that he/she does not belong to the family, but have been adopted.

adoptedSource Image

2) Jealous sibling claiming that their parents love him/her more than the latter.

child-438373_640Source Image

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3) One being the other’s ‘secret diary’!

Source Image

4) One trying to irate the other by different means.

irritatingSource Image

5) Acting stingy when it comes to sharing things like toys and chocolates.

fighting-over-toysSource Image

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6) Sometimes showing a lot of politeness to get things done. The best example is getting a weekly exam paper signed.

siblings-homeworkSource Image

7) Fighting over the TV remote.

rivalrySource Image

8) At times, bribing to hide some secrets.

secretSource Image

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9) Loads of fights and then claiming innocence.

innocenceSource Image

10) And then making the one speak in favour of the other.

woman-holding-kid-talking-to-girlSource Image

These are only a few things from that huge encyclopedia of your golden moments. Cherish these moments with new colours and create sweeter ones this Raksha Bandhan.

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