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Traffic Jams an increasing Cause of Cancer (Bad News)

Here is a new finding that published in the journal, Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts. It says that exposure to toxic fumes in a long traffic jams is unsafe.

These may potentially increase various health risks, including cancer. The research also says that along with the others stuck in traffic, the pedestrians also get exposed to increased air pollution.

It is a matter of pride to say that one among those researchers is an Indian.

Pollution from Outdoors is Carcinogenic

World Health Organisation in the October 2013, declared that the outdoor air pollution is carcinogenic to human. According to them, in urban areas, the air is more polluted.

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And any exposure to outdoor air pollution tops the list of ten. The research also stated that when vehicles stop at red lights, they go through various cycles. This includes acceleration, deceleration, idling and emission of toxic fumes.

Hence, it becomes more dangerous in traffic signals as these emissions take more time to disperse particularly in built-up areas in the urbans

Avoid Switching on Fans

There is a high risk in switching on of fans while sitting inside a car.According to them, it sucks the dirty air from outside to inside the vehicle.

This further results in an accumulation of pollutants inside the car. So if you think you are safer sitting in the car with your fans on, you are wrong!! But it is comparatively safe to put fans onto the vehicle mode.

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This re-circulates the air within the car, without drawing the polluted air from outside.

Keep Distance

According to Prashant Kumar, University of Surrey, it is best to limit your exposure by keeping windows shut, fans turned off and increasing the distance between you and the car in front in traffic jam.

He also added that if there is a requirement of the fan or heater, it would be best to have the air re-circulating within the car without drawing in air from the outdoors.

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