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5 Warning Signs Which Make You Realise That It’s Time For A Tyre Change


It is always advised that you should take good care of vehicle Tyres as they ensure Optimum Performance & Great Ride every time.

Attention Car or Bike Enthusiasts! Do you know what the most important part is in your dear Vehicle? Yes, you got it right! It’s the tyre.

It is always advised that you should take good care of your tyres as they ensure longevity, optimum performance and a great ride every time.

But since you know that along with the engine and the other rubber parts, the tyres are prone to wear and tear as well. But then the question is that how one can determine that the tyres need some repairs?

Even the industry major guide us, but Here is a list of 5 warning signs which will help you to decide whether you need to change or replace your tyres or not

1) Wear

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The most common warning sign for a tyre change is the wear. The tyre manufacturing companies install a TWI (Tyre Wear Indicator) so that you can check the level of wear after which you should discard the tyre and get a new one.

This indicator is fitted on the sidewall of the tyre. If the tyre wears out up to the TWI mark, it is time for you to change it and get a new one.

2) Cupping or Scalping of the front tyre 


The front tyre is always the one which faces the problem of cupping or scalping. This can be dangerous as this means that the front tyre has worn out completely along the length of the tread.

The reason why the tyre might get scalped is the poor suspension. So, the next time you shop for a new tyre, make sure that you get the suspension of your Car or Bike checked properly.

3) Uneven Tread Wear 


Sometimes it happens that the tyre may not get totally worn out. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t have any issues. If you find a square wear on the tyre,

it means that the tyre has worn out from the center portion of the tread and you need to replace it with a new one.

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4) Age of the tyre 


So what if there are not cuts and scalp? This doesn’t mean that you can still ride on your Car or Bike with those same tyres. It is essential that you should change the tyres after every five years.

5) Punctures and Cuts 


If you see too many punctures and cuts in your tyre, get it replaced with a new one immediately to avoid the occurrence of an accident.

Such tyres limit the quality of your ride and ruin the performance of your dear vehicle.

At the end, you should make sure that the tyres have adequate pressure so that they can last long. Happy Riding!  

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